A la Carte offers classes in many different categories. Choose the category that most interests you:


Take your date night to the next level, by cooking together.  Get to know your significant other a little better by doing something fun and relaxing.   Cooking as a couple not only helps your cooking skills, it also helps with communication.  Communication is key in the kitchen.

Desserts and Baking

The perfect way to end a meal is with something sweet.  Learn how to make all sorts of desserts from cookies to cupcakes to profiteroles.  Baking is an art and fun to do.  Right measurements and tools can help you learn to prepare something sweet and delicious.


Little plates and appetizers are always fun to make and especially fun to eat.  Appetizers are the segue into the meal or can be made into a meal itself.  Delicious hors d‘oeuvre are a fun way to spice up your meal.  Let’s prepare some fun appetizers and get the party rolling.

Fish and Seafood

So many different types of fish and seafood to choose from, but where to begin? Seafood and fish are some of the most challenging ingredients to cook properly, but with our help you will have gained the necessary knowledge and tools in order to succeed.

General Cooking

Ever want to learn how to make restaurant quality food at home?  Our classes are designed to teach anyone how to prepare a wonderful meal.  You will learn delicious recipes used by chefs all around the world.

Healthy and Diet Restriction

Healthy eating is a way of life, and learning how to prepare healthy alternatives is a step in the right direction.  Taking control of your health can be as easy as learning some new recipes.  These classes will teach you how to cook and eat healthier, and show you how to be mindful of what you are eating.

International Cuisine

Let’s take a trip around the world without leaving our kitchen.  Sampling foods from foreign places can make you feel s though you’re on a mini vacation.  Come and learn to prepare some new dishes as we explore some new cuisines.

Kids and Adults

Calling all little chefs! Do you have or know of a little chef that absolutely loves to cook? Our kids cooking classes are a great way to let them explore the culinary world.  We keep it simple but sophisticated.  Our kids and adults classes are a perfect way to bond by doing something that is both fun and rewarding.

Quick and Easy

Cooking does not have to be a chore anymore.  Quick & easy is the way to go.  Ever want to cook something but don’t have the time or think it’s too complicated.  Well fear not, we will teach you how to whip up classics in just 30 minutes or less.

Specialty Foods 

Ever wonder how certain things are made like cheese, beer or pasta?  Our specialty classes are a fun, creative way to learn how to make delicious food staples.

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