End of the night with great dishes

A la Carte is a full-service culinary center designed to teach cooking classes as well as to perform many other food-related functions for the trade.

It is a state-of-the-art kitchen facility located in the main shopping district of the village of Lynbrook, New York.

Our school is structured to teach recreational culinary arts to men, women, children, couples, senior citizens, as well as provide a team-building activity for business executives. Our mission is to help people gain more understanding, and satisfaction by enjoying the rewards and pleasures of cooking and eating good food — a service that is welcome in everyone’s life.

To the Public

A la Carte Culinary Services is an inviting, relaxing and comfortable place to come during the day or evening for a pleasurable cook­ing, learning and dining exper­ience. Cooking parties for children or adults will provide a creative change in the ordinary afternoon or evening out.

To the Trade

We have the perfect solution to the challenges all food businesses face — we provide a way to have a professional test kitchen for recipe and package direction development and product testing, without the large overhead of a company-run in-house kitchen.

The Center

There are two teaching/meeting areas with four cook­ing areas. The center has been designed to include a studio conducive to shooting cooking videos as well as still photo­graphy.

Culinary Services include:

  • Cooking Classes, in three categories:
    1. General
    2. Specialty
    3. Parties
  • Kids Cooking Classes (ages 8+) including a comprehensive Summer Culinary Arts Preliminary Series (C.A.P.S.)
  • Executive Team Building Cooking Classes
  • Test Kitchens designed to test and/or develop recipes for packaging, brochures, books or advertising
  • Still photography; videography
  • Food styling and consulting

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Our Staff

A la Carte Staff excels in teaching and hospitality. They are real, professionally trained chefs who work in various real life kitchens.

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Culinary Services

Cooking Classes From basic techniques courses and specialty classes to corp­orate team-building events to private parties!

Food Styling Preparation and arrangement of food for photography for adver­tising, books, videos and editorial.

Test Kitchen Our test kitchen fulfills the needs of food companies by offering recipe development for pack­aging (including label directions), books, advertising and various product promotions.

Food Consulting A resource for any food-related business: menu and recipe consul­ting, packaging evaluation, as well as product develop­ment input.

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